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Skull Base Surgeries

Transnasal Endoscopic Skull Base Surgery

It is of different types and a brief explanation of several surgical procedures is given below.

1. Pituitary Surgery

It is known as endoscopic pituitary surgery and is also called transsphenoidal endoscopic surgery. The most common surgery is performed to remove tumors of the pituitary.

2. Meningioma Surgery

This surgery is the removal of the tumor and some surrounding healthy tissue in the meninges of the brain. The most common type of surgery to remove a meningioma is called a craniotomy.

3. CSF Repair Surgery

This surgery is often the best treatment option for cranial CSF leaks. Once the surgeons reach the leaking site, they repair the hole by plugging it with tissue or fat.

4. Craniopharyngioma Surgery

A rare, benign non-cancerous brain tumor that is usually near the pituitary gland and hypothalamus. Craniopharyngioma is complete resection with or without radiation therapy.

Lateral Skull Base Surgery:

Surgery of the lateral base of the skull is performed for various complications that are found in the affected people.

1. Glomus Jugulare Surgery

Surgery is the treatment of choice for glomus jugularetumorss. The tumors found there are usually non-cancerous and do not spread out.

2. Glomus Tympanicum Surgery (Paraganglioma)

A Paraganglioma is a rare neurons neoplasm that may develop at various body sites. Glomus Tympanicum Surgery is performed to remove tumors that arise at the back of the middle ear.

Endoscopic Approach (No Incision)

If you opt for removing the tumors without Surgeries, the  endoscopic approach is the best way to get rid of the tumors.

3. Carotid Body Tumour

This is also known as chemodectoma or Paraganglioma is a growth of tumour around the side of the neck region where the carotid artery divides into smaller blood vessels that carry blood to your brain.

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