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52 years old female suffering from cancer

Ms. Santosh

52 years old female presented with pain and ulcer in the oral cavity from past few months. Diagnosed with cancer of buccal mucosa and upper alveolus. She underwent surgery for the same and now 2 and half years later living a normal life with no disease.


Patient presented with ulcer in her mouth which was not healing from past 2 months. She was suffering from severe pain while chewing. On initial examination an ulceroproliferative growth was identified on left side of buccal mucosa of size about 2.5*3.5cm and obliterating upper gingvobuccal sulcus. Patient underwent biopsy which revealed squamous cell carcinoma. Patient was planned for treatment with a preoperative contrast enhanced CT from base of skull to clavicle which revealed hetrogenously enhancing growth involving left side of buccal mucosa and upper alveolus with few enlarged lymph nodes in the neck.



Patient was afraid of surgery that it will cause severe dysfunction of speech and cause a big scar on her face. She was assured that no facial incision will be given and she can live a relatively normal life after few weeks of surgery. Patient underwent transoral excision of the tumor with safe margin and a small incision functional neck dissection under general anaesthesia with nasal intubation.

Post-operative period was uneventful. Drain was removed on 3rd day and patient was allowed orally after a week.



Patient’s first followup after two weeks, sutures were removed. Histopathology report shows negative margins of the tumor. Initial patient followed up once a month and now 2 & half years later as shown in picture living a normal life with very good speech and minimal scar visible on her neck.