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Laryngeal/Airway Surgery

Laryngeal framework surgery is used for patients with vocal cord paralysis or Laryngeal Stenosis, to restore the organic shape of the larynx.  It also can be used to treat people who have had cancer and underwent surgery that caused nerve damage or trauma to the larynx.

Tracheal Stenosis

It refers to the condition of abnormal narrowing of the trachea that causes suffocation and restricts your ability to breathe normally.

1. Resection & Anastomosis

Resection is performed to remove all or part of the trachea. The tracheal resection with Anastomosis is a safe option for the treatment of tracheal Stenosis following intubation and obviate the need for repeated dilutions

Laryngeal Stenosis (Windpipe Surgery)

Laryngeal stenosis means narrowing of the airway at any level starting from the epiglottis until the trachea. Narrowing at the vocal cords is called glottic stenosis, and one that is just below the Vocal cords as subglottic stenosis. The narrowing could involve one or multiple levels of the larynx.

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