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Dr. Bhushan Kathuria

Dr. Bhushan Kathuria Dedicated enthusiastic advanced ENT/Head & Neck Oncosurgeon, with strong track record of success in advanced cancer surgery.Also,trained in Endoscopic skull base surgery from Weill Cornell medicine, NEW YORK, USA.

ENT surgeon
Head & Neck Cancer Surgeon
Lateral Skull Base Surgeon
Cochlear Implant Surgeon
Endoscopic Sinus & Skull Base Surgeon

Brief Profile:

Dr. Bhushan Kathuria is a dedicated and skilled surgeon, specializing in ENT, Head & Neck cancer surgeries, and other complex procedures. With over Ten thousand surgeries & largest ENT doctors team under his belt, he has significantly impacted the lives of numerous patients in a relatively short career.


His commitment to providing holistic care for Head & Neck Cancer patients has extended to tier-2 cities, making quality healthcare accessible to the less fortunate. Dr. Kathuria’s passion and expertise have translated into excellent outcomes at affordable costs, particularly evident in his efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic, where he played a pivotal role in mucormycosis cases.


Recognized for his unwavering dedication, Dr. Kathuria has received prestigious awards like the ‘Samaja Sarthi’ and the Doctor’s Pride Award in 2022 from Dainik Bhaskar & many more awards. His contributions go beyond the operating room, with numerous national and international publications showcasing his knowledge. As a guest faculty at national conferences, he shares his insights, actively participating in the education and training of ENT residents, junior colleagues, and fellows.


In addition to his numerous accomplishments, Dr. Bhushan Kathuria plays a crucial role as surgical faculty at state ENT conferences. His expertise shines through as he conducts demonstrations of head & neck oncosurgery, sharing valuable insights with both national and international surgical faculties. This further solidifies his commitment to advancing the field and contributing to the education of fellow professionals.


Dr. Kathuria’s vision extends to revolutionizing Basic ENT services, Skull base, and Head & Neck Cancer surgeries within the medical community. His goal is to achieve outcomes equivalent to advanced centers, even in resource-limited settings, reshaping the landscape of healthcare delivery.


Academic Education

  • 2006-2011: Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery(MBBS). Maharshi Dayanand University, Pt. B D Sharma PGIMS Rohtak, Haryana


Professional Training

  • 2012-2015: Resident in Otorhinolaryngology –Head and Neck Surgery (ENT), Pt. B D Sharma PGIMS Rohtak, University of Health Science, Rohtak, Haryana
  • Aug. 2015-2016: Fellowship in head and neck Oncosurgey, Malabar cancer centre, Thalassery, Kannur, calicut, kerala
  • Jul.-Sept. 2019: fellowship in minimal invasive endoscopic skull base surgery at Weil Cornell medicine, New York USA. July- September 2019



  • Currently working as Director/ Department Head ENT/Head & Neck Oncosurgery/ Endoscopic sinus & skull base Surgery at we care hospital, Rohtak, Haryana. Since June 2021
  • Consultant ENT & Head & Neck Oncosurgery & Endoscopic Skull Base surgery at Kainos hospital, Rohtak haryana November 2019 – July 2021
  • Consultant in Surgical Oncology & Robotic Surgery BLKapoor superspeciality hospital Karol bagh Delhi since April – July 2019.
  • Consultant ENT & Head and Neck Oncosurgery deptt. at Virk ENT Hospital kurukshetra, Haryana since december 2018- April 2019
  • Previously: Consultant Head ENT & Head and Neck Oncosurgery deptt. at Aadhar Hospital Hisar, Haryana (October 2016- November 2018.)



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  2. Bhushan Kathuria 1, Himani Dhingra 2. Nasal Mass: Extramedullary plasmacytoma,
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  13. Bhushan Kathuria, K N Harsha, M Sudeesh,K Santosh, B T P Sajith Outcome of Supraclavicular Flap Reconstruction in Head and Neck Oncologic Defect . J Head Neck Physicians Surg. 2016: 4 : 3: 72-104
  14. K N Harsha, K Bhushan, Sajith Babu Thavarool, M Sudheesh, Santhosh Kumar, Shamna Mohammed. THE OUTCOMES OF INFRAHYOID MYOCUTANEOUS FLAP RECONSTRUCTION IN ORAL CANCER SURGERY J Head Neck Physicians Surg. 2016: 4 : 3.

& Many more etc.


Oral Presentations

  • Bhushan Kathuria, SPS Yadav,Subcutaneous Lipoma of The Tip of The Nose; A Rare presentation.CME- Khanpur 2014. Haryana
  • Bhushan kathuria, sps yadav, sandeep bhukar. Recurrent respiratory papillomatosis
    Laryngology Summit DELHI 2014
  • Bhushan kathuria, SPS Yadav, Sharad. Osteomylitis external auditory canal, a rare complication of battery cell. NZIOACON-2015 PGIMS ROHTAK
  • Guest faculty as guest speaker and live demonstrator in Head & Neck Surgicon KMC Manglore May 2019


Poster Presentations

  • Bhushan kathuria, SPS yadav, Sandeep bhukar. Coal as forigen body in airway.Laryngology Summit DELHI 2014
  • Bhushan kathuria, Joginder gulia, SPS yadav. Tuberculosis tonsil. PCCM CME-2014.PGIMS ROHTAK.
  • Bhushan kathuria, SPS yadav. Secretory otitis media: A school health survey. 1st world congress on ear and hearing care.2015( Sound Hearing 2030) Delhi


Working Experience

  • Ent surgeon,
  • Head and Neck cancer surgeon,
  • Endoscopic sinus & skull Base Surgeon,
  • Cochlear implant surgeon,
  • Lateral Skull Base Surgeon



Invited Surgical faculty & Perform various Head & Neck Oncosurgery at various state & National conferencs

  • Total Laryngectomy- ca larynx  in annual conference HAOICON 2022, Rohtak
  • Bite Resection,  Neck Dissection,  PMMC flap repair- ca buccal mucosa  at KMC mangalore,  Karnataka 2019.



Dr. Bhushan Kathuria is a virtuoso surgeon, showcasing unparalleled expertise across a spectrum of transformative procedures. His finesse in Rhinoplasty extends beyond mere cosmetic enhancement, sculpting facial aesthetics with precision and artistry. In the intricate realm of skull base surgeries, he conducts symphonies of precision, addressing conditions with a blend of technical mastery and surgical intuition.

Diving into the nuances of sleep disorders, Dr. Kathuria demonstrates his skillful choreography in procedures like UVPP and Adenotonsillectomy, providing not only relief but a harmonious restoration of quality sleep. As a pioneer in auditory advancements, he conducts a masterful performance with Cochlear implants, gifting patients with the restoration of the symphony of sound.

The ballet of oral malignancies, sees Dr. Kathuria as a meticulous choreographer, seamlessly executing complex procedures such as composite resections. His repertoire extends to intricate flap reconstructions, where he deftly weaves together medical artistry and surgical precision, creating a tapestry of healing for patients.

In the realm of head and neck cancers, he unveils a delicate dance of surgical finesse. Utilizing cutting-edge techniques like Transoral endoscopic & Open surgery for oropharyngeal & hypopharyngeal malignancies, he navigates complexities with grace, redefining possibilities in cancer care. Thyroid procedures and laryngeal malignancies become canvases for his surgical artistry, where each movement is a step towards comprehensive patient well-being.

Beyond the expected, Dr. Kathuria’s performances encompass parotid surgeries, tracheal injury repairs, and the intricate maneuvers required for rare entities like Glomus tumors & EAC tumous. Embracing innovation, he dazzles with functional surgeries like Thyroplasty and facial reanimation, pushing the boundaries of surgical achievement.

In the hands of Dr. Bhushan Kathuria, surgery becomes a masterpiece, each procedure a detailed brushstroke contributing to a canvas of healing, transformation, and a redefined standard of surgical excellence.

Trained n performing various surgeries:

  • Rhinoplasty, Septoplasty, Endo-DCR, Functional endoscopic sinus surgery.
  • Trans nasal endoscopic sinus & skull base Surgery- pituitary, meningioma
  • Tracheostomy, Adenotonsillectomy, Obstructive sleep apnea surgery.
  • Cochlear implant, Myringoplasty, Mastoidectomy, Ossiculoplasty
  • Oral malignancy includes: oral tongue, buccal mucosa, lower alveolus- commando/ composite/bite resection, neck dissection and various flap reconstruction- pmmc/forehead/DP, submental, supraclavicular island flap and other locoregional flaps etc.
  • Oro pharyngeal malignancy- Transoral endoscopic surgery/ lateral & suprahyoid approach
  • Thyroid malignancy- Hemi/total thyroidectomy parathyroidectomy
  • Laryngeal malignancy- various Laryngectomy( partial , total & near total laryngectomy / salvage surgery
  • Parotid surgery- superficial/total parotidectomy
  • Tracheal injury repair- resection & anastomosis.
  • Glomus tumour- paraganglioma- glomus tympanicum, glomus jugulare, glomus jugulotympanicum, carotid body tumour
  • Another Functional surgery- Thyroplasty/ facial reanimation surgery/sling ..



  • Head & Neck surgery (Oncosurgery)/Skull base surgery (Endoscopic skull base & Lateral skull base)

Head & Neck Surgical Oncology Team

Dr. Saral Ahuja

MBBS, MS ENT(Consultant)

Dr. Sanah

MBBS, MS ENT(Fellow)

Dr. Chetan Yadav


Dr. Vijay Prabu

MDS(Oral Suregry)(Fellow)

Dr. Suraj Prakash Deo

MBBS, MS ENT(Fellow)